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In this free online forex trading course we will cover all the basics of trading, meaning everything you need to know from beginning to end so that you can easily get started right away. 

Key reasons why people start Forex Trading


As long as you have internet connection, forex trading presents an opportunity to make money regardless of where you are.

New Horizons

The Forex markets can open new career horizons and turn into an additional income.

Power of Leverage

The Forex market allows traders to achieve large gains with small investments.

What to expect from this free course

Trading Foundation

In this free online forex trading course we will cover all the basics of trading, meaning everything you need to know from beginning to end so that you can easily get started right away. 

Introduction to technical analysis

Technical analysis is the ability to read market feedback from charts to understand what it is doing and what it wants to do.

Market Sentiment

In this free course you will learn how crowd psychology influences trading decisions, and how to apply sentiment analysis in your forex trading. 

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Take your first steps towards becoming a profitable trader.

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We are committed to provide traders with insightful financial coverage and spread our belief in conservative trading and investing. We believe in proper strategic planning and practice, financial markets can be a fantastic way to build wealth over time.

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We are the leading Forex education site with over 10 000 students who have gone through our education programs.

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Our education programs are designed in such a way that you learn how to trade forex online at your own pace with easy to use interactive interface with built in progress tracking so that you can pickup right where you left off from any device.

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We believe that learning should be a combination of high quality information as well as high quality content which delivers an immersive learning experience.

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This course help me get a basic knowledge about Forex and it's really an important course for beginners. The basic tools like morning star, evening star, candlesticks and using trend line are so useful. I have got a lot knowledge from this course and I want to say thank you, thank you a lot because this course is very helpful. I hope you will get a lot of successful things in life. Thank you.
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Vishal A.
Very clear and concise course. Easy to understand. I found this course very helpful in my journey to become a successful trader.
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Jessica C.
Great and powerful course that teaches you the basic of trading forex and gives the stepping stone to become and advanced trader. The lessons was given detail and the presentation was very in depth and useful for a beginner trader as well as intermediate traders. The course will make your trading foundation more stronger and the course will lead you to become a professional forex, futures or bond trader. Thank you so much
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Enzo C.
I've wanted to learn to trade for a long time but put it off because I simply didn't know where to start and didn't have the mindset in that I didn't want to lose money. This course was extremely enlightening as it covered not only strategies for trading, how to go about trading, but most importantly for me mindset needed for trading and how to alter my mindset to start and sustain trading in addition to learning to walk away from trading so in addition to not losing an immense amount of money you also get the best out of your own performance; as quite frankly even good traders have bad days! So I'm deeply thankful for this course, and I've already recommended it to a mate. Additionally, you're not left clueless at the end of the course; they do tell you what you can do afterwards and how to contact them if you have any enquiries, so for me absolutely amazing content.
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Rajay Devar F.